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Babyzef Photography: Fashion & Glamour

-Lourens de Jager

Up-and-coming photographer Adele Kloppers, working under her own brand Babyzef Photography, has been busy the last month! I will be posting updates on her shoots periodically, so keep your eyes peeled.

Her online bio states:

Cape Town-based photographer Adele Kloppers has set the bar high for other local artists. With a keen eye for detail and imaginative approach to photography, her work has grabbed the attention and appreciation of her fans and clients.

Her distinct style captures the imagination, while still having a firm foot in reality. Truth is stranger than fiction, as they say!

Always up for a challenge and taking pride in her craft, she approaches wedding, fashion and event photography with the same ethic, and her art speaks for itself.

This month her main inspiration has been fashion and glamour, and since she is passionate about both those topics the results speak for themselves. So, take a look:

Fashion shoot #1 | Model: Bredine

Fashion shoot #2 | Model: Roxy

Fashion shoot #3 | Models: Marc & Marike

Glamour shoot #1 | Model: Danielle

Glamour shoot #2 | Model: Arista

Glamour shoot #3 | Model: Roxanne

To see more, you can visit one of her pages on:

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