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Rouxmia Bougas on the FHM Calendar 2010

Somerset Westling, Rouxmia Bougas, talks about her career as a model, as well as her aspirations as an author and novelist. And then of course, she stands ankle-deep in the ocean wearing very little, and has photos taken of her. Hot. This is the 2010 FHM Calendar shoot. Enjoy!

For more about Rouxmia:



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If you live in or around the Stellenbosch/Somerset West/Cape Town vicinity, you may have heard hushed whispers of late, regarding a certain WØLFÅLLEY entity. Here’s the deal.

WØLFÅLLEY are a Cape Town based lifestyle brand that aim to showcase popular, yet under-exposed elements of South African youth culture via the web and various other mediums. Their mission is to conceptualize and host unique events and artistic productions showcasing unique aspects of each form (sport, art, music etc).

Which brings me to my next point and thus, the crux of this article:


This Saturday (tomorrow – 11th September) hordes will be making their way to Strand beach in- you guessed it- Strand, to witness a sporting event, the likes of which this town has never seen.

Surfers participating in the event will take part in two-man head-2-head heats. They will be towed into waves and will be judged on their single biggest/best/most stylish move attempted in each heat. The highest single score proceeds to the next round, where it all starts again. For this event only strapless surfboards will be allowed for use to compete in the event. Nationally, this will be the first event of its kind.

Not only that, the after party will be held at Die Mystic Boer in Stellies featuring up-and-coming local artists LA VI, Somerset West heroes, The Black Market Riots andDrum & Bass acts Fletcher and Psydstep.

What better way could you ever hope to spend your Saturday? See you there!

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The Art of Burlesque

A while back we wrote about our travels into deepest darkest Observatory to watch Roxy de light, Somerset’s very own Burlesque starlet, do her thing with the rest of the Black Orchid Troupe. Here is the video we linked to for those who haven’t seen it yet. It’s totally worth the watch, whether you’re male or female.

In other news, we’re moving out this week. Yes, we have made the greatest memories over the past year in the Eiffel Tower, but it now seems fit that we move on to greener pastures. Cough.
The humble abode that many have come to know and love will be sorely missed by both its residents and those who’ve frequented its hallowed halls since last April, but the legend will never die.

The time has come for the Eiffel Tower Part II. Stay tuned for more.

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Infected by Cape MIC

I would like to welcome the newest writer on the site, Erick Smit. This is his account on the Battle of the Gigs Competition held by Cape MIC that we were both subject to last week. Put your hands together.
Nick Frost

As I strolled into the Cape MIC offices for a workshop arranged for successful applicants in their Battle of the Gigs Competition, looking rather like a smart/casual jaapie wearing my ‘kerk’ shoes, I couldn’t help feeling slightly over-dressed and distinctly like a primary-school girl who’s first crush just told her ‘you’re pretty cool’.

Needless to say, I was pretty amped being in the company of nineteen other like-minded individuals looking to enter the South African Music Industry with full force. The shortlisted group was diverse in both musical taste and location; major suburbs being represented included Somerset West, Guguletu, Parow, Cape Town itself and other areas I didn’t even know existed.
But strangely no Bellville boys? Has what ever has been in their Rock City waters dried up? Maybe it has finally migrated to other areas.

Cape MIC (Music Industry Commission) set out to flood our young group of marketers, graphic designers, event-coordinators and sound engineers with some awesome inside industry knowledge. It was clearly evident, from the get-go that Cape MIC had all of their bases covered; certainly as far as the music industry goes. To demonstrate, we started with an in-depth talk courtesy of Clive Ridgeway (of the Cape Town School of Song Writing), a reserved and pleasant man with a definite hint of hippie-lovechild somewhere in him, and a passion for all things: music. His talk was swiftly followed by Clyde Finlayson, the genius behind the Vortex Trance Festivals. His talk was no holds barred, hard-and-fast; if a talk could be a boxing match, this would be it. In Nick’s words, this guy likes to party.

It was a concise yet informative presentation touching on health and safety, marketing and coordination.

Over the next two days, Cape MIC lined up a yet more industry fundi’s to present us with inside details on what’s up in the SA Music Industry. Amongst these were Jess ‘Jeze-Bel’ Henson, a young (not to mention intimidating) music journo giving the latest scoop on Journalism and Marketing; Mark Klook from the City of Cape Town knuckled down and spoke about Damage Control and Safety; Hagar Graiser gave us valuable information regarding Branding and Workflow; Jonathan Mervis spoke about utilizing the Internet as a Marketing platform and finally, Lee Thompson, saxophonist from Hog Hoggidy Hog (amongst other acts) who gave a brief chat on Gigs and Bookings.

hog hoggidy hog

With our minds still spinning from the ridiculous amount of refined information we had just absorbed, Cape MIC launched us directly into some hands-on field work in the form of Guerrilla Marketing for the Spier Infecting the City Public Arts Festival (taking place from 13th – 20th of February).
And so we set out to help armed with sweet (free) t-shirt, various Infecting the City branded print-outs and such, and a roll of yellow and black striped (fitting with the theme) hazard tape. Our mission was to tape anything we could legally (or otherwise) lay our hands on; amongst these targets were business men, cops, cop cars, a Catholic Church, dust-bins, trees and a cigarette butt. We most certainly got the attention of the City. We know this because they eventually got hold of us and told us to take everything down. We didn’t. Obviously.

infecting the city


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Stilbaai Violence

Up until and including New Years’, the wild western dwellers made their mark on Stilbaai, if not in the figurative sense, then definitely in carbon-footprint sense.

So Stilbaai was hectic. Apart from the horde of psychedelic party-lovers who spread their wings and flew on over to Rezonance for New Years, Stilbaai seemed to be housing (or should it be ‘tenting’) most of South Africa’s populace. Or at least a great variety of them. Luckily we seem to fit right in with the people who don’t fit in.

Ian managed to throw-up on a bar-lady, so he was quite well-popular around the area; Dennis almost killed our entire campsite with, upon investigation, what appeared to be a wine-bottle grenade. But as far as leaving their  mark goes, Shadowcat took the cake, clocking in a rough man-handling from the pigs, a night in the slammer, and a looming court-case for an outstanding DUI.

And isn’t that what holidays are all about?

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Getting Drunk For Science

That’s right, remember the post Back In Black from November last year? Remember the little mention about doing a promo video for Glaceau Vitamin Water? Well, I finally got around to finishing it recently after numerous problems with converting, losing, recovering and re-recording the footage. This is the end product, hope ya’ll enjoy.

If you thought that was pretty cool, subscribe to the iamlovechild YouTube channel and check out LifeAfter5‘s website.

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The Question? The Answer: The Truth

-Lourens Loki Corleone

So, brothers and sisters, we find ourselves in a very interesting time for local music.

For a long period of its existence, South Africa was cut off from the outside world and locally produced entertainment had to adhere to old-fashioned values and sentiments.

So, when the veil lifted we seemed to make a grab for every shred of international culture we could. We were hungry for something new, something fresh.

In the span of just a few years we lost a lot of who we are in the raging torrent of outside influences. Every 20- or thirty-something woman wanted to be Carrie from Sex & the City, every teenage girl wanted to be Britney or Amy Lee, every boy wanted to be Bam Margera or James Hepburn and the men…well, the men just kept watching rugby religiously like nothing has changed.

By the time we hit the 2000’s, we were slaves to what the world wants us to be. Not that we lost our culture…no, not at all. We saw the acceptance of the world as a act of rebellion against the older, more conservative generation.

Then, something strange happened. The older generation, maybe remembering their own youth, started accepting the strangeness and chaos that seem to define our generation, and we didn’t like it one bit. No Sir.

What do you do to liberate yourselves and at the same time manage to shock a generation that has been battered and bruised by the times so much, they are numb and blind to your constant changing “scene”?

My theory is this: The truth.

We have rejected big parts of our own culture for so long, that it has become the next big step in defining who we are while still being foreign enough to keep the generation gap intact. Why we (subconsciously) feel the need for this is a whole different debate, of course.

Instead of burying ourselves deep in foreign culture, it seems as though we realised that just showing our true colours would be enough to shake the foundations we love to taunt so much.

Why not scratch the stereotypes wide open? Why not speak the truth about the world our generation finds itself in? Not only can we all relate, but we can finally free ourselves from our self-imposed cultural shackles that hold us back as a people and as a country.

So, what is the secret behind this revelation?

Like many things in this world, it all starts with music. Pioneers like Die Antwoord have shocked us all by telling us exactly what we want to hear: The truth.

Singing and rapping about their own experiences seem to cultural barriers as we all have the same hopes, the same dreams and the same country we call home.

This started a tidalwave that is still going strong, even spawning collaborations with other established local artists, so I suggest looking at these videos. It speaks much louder than I could ever explain:

Die Antwoord – Enter The Ninja (dirty version)

Die Heuwels Fantasties feat. Jack Parow – Die Vraagstuk

Jack Parow – Cooler As Ekke

All I know is, “never seen zef so fre$h”!


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