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Just Another Quote Post

Hello, Friends! It’s time, once again, for me to post some of the random quotes that have accumulated over the last while again! Well, those that we remember anyway. I hope you enjoy them as much as we think we do. Much love!

Krans my Krans”.
Ian Eagleheart Kay

Oh Eagle! You say such things, such things composed of words, words that form sentences,
and eventually, these sentences form paragraphs and in the end, isn’t that what really matters?

Lourens Loki Corleone

“Fellatio Gonzales!”
Lourens Corleone

Nick and Jesse

“My friend sold my Playstation 3 for drug money… he gave me the drugs though.”
Bob Flinderflap

“Once there were many in my wolf pack, now I am alone in my wolf pack…”
Ian Eagleheart Kay

The Eiffel Tower

Lourens Loki Corleone

“Nick…there is a monster on our roof.”
Lourens Corleone

“The card machine doesn’t work? Where are we, Russia?!”
Dennis Krige

“Babe, if you had to die, I’d totally be a necrophiliac!”
Adele Babyzef Kloppers

Dennis Krige

“Cool boob, bro.”
Lourens Corleone

“Eat my fury!”
Dennis Krige

“You started porking?!”
Adele Babyzef Kloppers

“Guano Caves? That’s the good shit.”
Lourens Corleone

Corleone and Babyzef


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Drawing the Line

Hey faithful readers and subscribers,

We recently did a little bit of an impromptu project with Lauren Hochfelden Photography, using the uprise of the new ‘zef’ culture as subject matter and inspiration. The question was: why is the zef culture so appealing for our youth?

Of course, the conclusion lies somewhere amidst the hazy uncertainty of the individual opinion, so no answer was reached… but not all was lost; we got some heavy scum photo’s for ya’ll to check out. Here are just a few of the good ones; for the full gallery, check here. Later!

(Note: Not actual narcotics)



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Wild West Scribes

-Lourens Loki Corleone

Hello, friends! Well, as you know by now myself, Nick “Dragon” Frost and Ian “Eagleheart” Kay have upgraded the Eiffel Tower, and a new era has dawned. While our new house will be less of a frat house, we promise that the sacrifice will have many benefits…

That said, the blog is finally being moved to early May and I have been brainstorming about ways in which we can interact more personally with our readers… besides partying with them of course.

So, what I suggest is a new Category on the site entitled “Scribes”. This section is not for us to fill with content, but for all of you lazy bitches. Have you written any articles, poems or short stories, taken any photographs or recorded any video but you don’t know where to post them? Send them to us along with your name, and we will post it under the Scribes section for you, either under your name or anonymously; whichever you prefer.

Over the next week or two I will be collecting content, and when the blog gets moved to the new domain I will unveil the new section for your reading pleasure.

I hope you all enjoy The Wild West blog as much as we do.

Much love.

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Eiffel Power

Okay so, it’s been a while. But there’s a good reason for this. More than one in fact. Here are three.

  • Our lease at the old place had passed its live-by date and grown mold and rotted off; as a result of this we saw fit to pack our things and flee what was once The Eiffel Tower, only to stumble upon yet another lucky-as-hell last-minute-deal on Gumtree. The last-minute-deal, of course, was to be our new place. And when I refer to ‘we’ I am referring to Lourens, Ian and myself.
    Unfortunately, leaving the old place proved slightly harder than initially imagined, and not because we’re bad at doing things (although that may have a little to do with it) but because of the sheer amount of useless- for lack of a better noun- SHIT that is accumulated after a year of living in what, at times, resembled a frat-house.
    And so, after many hard-lifting activities, backseat balancing acts and old-school geometry theorem chats whilst trying to figure out how to get a pool table through three rooms and up a flight of stairs without killing one of us in the process, we made it to the new Tower.
  • And as a result of the move, we had the pleasure of having to deal with Telkom again, so it has been a while since we’ve had a stable internet connection.
  • Another reason is that I got Assassin’s Creed 2. So I had to play it. For hours on end.

eiffel tower

eiffel tower

eiffel tower

So besides being relocated and slightly wary of how cold the air is up here on the mountain, what else is new? Well this coming Saturday night, Akelian Circus will be hooking it with Stack Shot at The Nameless Pub. If you’re feeling adventurous perhaps extend a visit to The Purple Turtle in Long Street, Cape Town.


The 357’s, Boombox Troopers and DFrost will be laying the vibe on thick. Not up for that? Then take a gander down Lower Main Road, Obz at Obz Cafe and catch the Black Orchid Burlesque Troupe doing their thing. So don’t let anyone tell you there’s nothing to do, m’kay?

eiffel tower

eiffel tower

eiffel tower

eiffel tower

eiffel tower

On another note, I entered a competition with Cape MIC a while back and got selected. We have been given the task of arranging and organizing a festival of sorts, be it a evening event or a full-day festival. Cape MIC hooked up a fat sponsor and is now leaving it up to us to develop concept, date, theme, marketing, logistics, bookings et cetera. So I thought: why not just ask people for ideas? After all, it will be the same people who are likely to attend the festival anyway.

So I’m asking all of you to send ideas my way. You can e-mail me, tweet me, comment here or whatever. Any ideas for a festival you’d like to attend. Something different and fresh and inspired. Originality is encouraged.

That’s all for now. Peace.


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The Art of Burlesque

A while back we wrote about our travels into deepest darkest Observatory to watch Roxy de light, Somerset’s very own Burlesque starlet, do her thing with the rest of the Black Orchid Troupe. Here is the video we linked to for those who haven’t seen it yet. It’s totally worth the watch, whether you’re male or female.

In other news, we’re moving out this week. Yes, we have made the greatest memories over the past year in the Eiffel Tower, but it now seems fit that we move on to greener pastures. Cough.
The humble abode that many have come to know and love will be sorely missed by both its residents and those who’ve frequented its hallowed halls since last April, but the legend will never die.

The time has come for the Eiffel Tower Part II. Stay tuned for more.

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A Love Letter To Hedonism

Hey Gorgeous,I realise that our fling is over, but thinking back about our time together, I decided to write you this letter in love and appreciation. Our romance may have been brief, but it was hotter and dirtier than ever before. I miss our debaucherous nights and scorchingly passionate days.

We were on fire… apparently so were a few tents near the river. I hope you enjoy this letter as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Ramfest VI, I love you and I always will.

Everyone who attended Ramfest IV.

If we all had to write love-letters to Ramfest this year, I’m pretty sure they would all read something like this, so I thought I’d take the initiative.

I’m sure you would all agree that many comparisons can made between Ramfest and a rough weekend fling:

1) You end up sprawled on the ground on various occasions.
2) Alcohol is a necessity.
3) Clothing is not encouraged.
4) Protection must be worn at all times.
5) You are probably being filmed.
6) A few days later you realise you probably have to see a doctor about that.

So how did this savage romance begin this year? As these things normally do, it all started with a…


Having planned ahead, I had taken Friday the 26th of February off for one reason only: getting to Ramfest as early as I possibly could. However, people that know us Western folk well, also know that “early as we possibly could” is a very broad declaration and has little or no impact on our own version of reality.

I was awake first. Annoying, but being a habit there was not much I could do about it but make a list of things that needed to be done before we could go to Ramfest. A list just seemed like a very annoying thing to have to do, so not surprisingly I decided to wing it. I jumped in the car, and headed for the Somerset Mall – a place I very rarely venture to. I bought the Ramfest tickets at a computicket and realised that I really didn’t actually know what we needed besides that.

The first thing that came to mind was clothes, so I headed to JayJay’s and acquired myself two super-cool t-shirts. The only thing I could think of besides that was mouth wash, so another purchase was made. I rounded off my extravagant shopping experience with a hearty Wimpy breakfast, and feeling quite pleased with myself I headed home to check what the bro’s were up to.

When I arrived home Nick and Eagleheart were (surprisingly) awake. Apparently Phil was the culprit, as he had arrived in desperation to look for his missing wallet. His mission seemed to be going a bit better than mine, seeing as they were planning on leaving a good hour or two before us. Did they manage it? Yeah they did. An hour or two later, we were ready for action as well. The car was (overly) packed and we were off! We had a few stops to make around the Helderberg but not much later we were heading down the R44 towards one of our favourite weekends of the year.

We made a quick detour into Stellenbosch to pick up our regular co-roadtripper, the beautiful Caitlin Jayne, and about an hour later we were in Worcester. It was about 2pm, and scorching. Arriving at Nekkies, we found the campsite already overflowing with tents. We were greeted by the welcome sight of Phil ‘Grizzly’ Joubert with a beer in his hand and word that they saved us a spot for our tent near theirs. Saying “spot” doesn’t really convey the true essence of the size of this tent. I’ve seen smaller houses. The Eiffel Tent is truly a marvel; loads of thanks to Loki’s dad for letting us use it.

We unloaded the car and headed down to inspect our place of residence for the next few days. It was the perfect size, and together with the Heldervue boys and their women we had the start of a little tent community going. Not much later, the rest of the troops arrived in the shape of some of the Wild West girls: Zoe, Roliza, Jen, Tessa and Mieke, followed closely by the always cool Scott ‘I-Like-To-Party’ Murray. We were also surprised by the arrival of Mone, one of our very good friends that we don’t get to see as often as we’d like. We love you, Mone! Our community was complete, and the partying commenced almost immediately.

Julian, Fourie and Phil left to do their sound check around 4, and by the time they got back to the campsite there was time to re-fill our drinks and to head to the main stage. It was time for Ramfest to officially open…with Heldervue.




Needless to say, they were fantastic. By the time their set was done, I was sure my voice was already damaged from singing along so we decided to head to the tents for cooler pastures, and to make sure we were ready for the next bands we wanted to support. I also bumped into the lovely duo of Tecla and Alice, much to my delight!

This is where things get a little hazy. Obviously with “a little hazy” I mean that I am going to try my best to remember the events between Heldervue’s set and Sunday morning. Bare with me.


The next band I remembered seeing was Kidofdoom. I’ve heard many good things about them from friends who are avid fans (whose opinions I trust) like Liam Lynch and Lize Kay, so they were definitely on my “must see” list. They were really great. It is very strange seeing a full band on stage with NO vocals that rock that hard. If any of you ever get the opportunity, take it. You won’t be disappointed.

Somewhere during Kidofdoom I also ran into Sarah from The Ragdolls fame. If you haven’t this girl sing, you haven’t lived. Yeah, The Ragdolls are that cool. In any case, a little note that Sarah made on my arm with a permanent marker told me everything I needed to know: “The Ragdolls. Saturday 1pm. Be There. Love, The Pope”. It was a good thing as well, because I treated the inscriptions that appeared on my arms like the guy in Memento did with his photographs – as a substitute for memory. I needed all the help I could get. Omega was also there, and it was good to officially introduce myself after being in contact on facebook a few times.

The rest of the night was a blur; all I know is that at some point during the night I was stricken with a sun-enduced headache like I’ve never had before. I decided that sleep was a good option. That, and a bottle of Cream Soda that was floating about the campsite. Did I mention that we also stayed to watch the UK group Johnny Foreigner?  I’ll give them one more go if I come across them again, but they really didn’t impress me at all.

Most of my friends were M.I.A. at this point, but I didn’t care. I drifted off to a peaceful night of… not getting much sleep at all. During the night, Caitlin and Jen plonked themselves down on either side of me and both proceeded to talk in their sleep for the remainder of the sleeping hours. I’m not one to speak though, because being a snorer of much vigour, I am strictly forbidden from judging other people’s sleep behaviour. Did I mention I also had someone’s knee embedded into my ribs? Yeah. Embedded. At some point I also remember Phil and Jess yelling at some annoying girl who was bitching and moaning outside the tent about…nothing much of significance, really. They made short work of her so that we all could sleep further, in “peace”.


I woke up very early. Ian was relatively awake as well (surprisingly) after also having had a rough night. We decided to go exploring, so we headed in the direction of the main stage, which is where we found Zoe and Roliza still partying their asses off at the Electro Tent. Troopers!
Ian and I then decided to go down to the river – what good is being around nature if you can’t see the sunrise decently? We went and chilled next to the river until the sun was up. Many discussions later we headed back to the campsite where we discovered Zo and Ro, who had returned from their adventures and were both still wide awake. Relatively.

We were also joined by Ian Conchar. It was good to know that if we lost one Ian, at least we would already have a spare. We did promise Ian that we would replace him with a black guy though, because that would be the only way he could be cooler: “I’m a internet marketer, yo! Damnnnn!” (I blame The Hangover for this insanity)

Ian seemed a little worse for wear at this point so he headed up to my car, where Nick was sleeping for some extra shut-eye. I stayed awake filming for a while before deciding to jump on the sleep wagon.

What felt like twenty seconds later I was awake again and ready to take on the day, until I took a step into the blazing sunlight and I nearly caught fire. Honestly, it was pretty close. Apparently, Worcester is located about five-hundred meters from the surface of the Sun and/or Hell.

I have never seen a group of people collectively move this slowly and shy away from sunlight this enthusiastically. The next few hours were spent recovering and chilling, with Scott providing bacon, egg and cheese burgers for breakfast… which very likely saved my life. We all decided that the river was a good idea, and armed with our vices we headed towards the bustling river where Griet‘s Voodoo Beach Party was in full swing. It was great! The river water was refreshingly cool and the drum & bass was pumping loudly. Hangovers lifted, there was nothing left to do but to carry on.

Remembering my date with The Ragdolls, so Nick and I headed down towards stage. We decided to check out the UniJunction deck, which Promotional Models – under the supervision of the lovely miss Samantha Tunnah – were promoting. We also bumped into a friend Shanine, who was helping out with the promotions.

The deck was pretty cool. It provided us with seating, shade and a bar… the holy trinity of a festival daytime mission. We were also provided with some Bioplus sweets, which came in very handy in surviving the rest of the day!
Drink in hand, we sat back and enjoyed Sarah’s amazing vocals. The Ragdolls are going places! (Some of you might remember that I mentioned them in a post a few weeks ago)

Anyway, Nick and I decided to go exploring again. but we didn’t get far. As soon as we left the deck we ran into Phil, Julian and Jessie. They were hiding in shade next to the sound deck, and everyone’s favourite drunk-punks, Half-Price,were just starting.

Half-Price have been going for quite a long time, but surprisingly they were another band I just never managed to witness live. They performed one or two songs a few years ago at Hidden Cellar, just before Japan & I (if I remember correctly) but due to sound problems they left the stage without playing a single song. I really enjoyed their Ramfest set though…very awesome. It’s good to see a local group that lives up to punk sentimentality. Party, party, party. One of their more zany songs pretty much just had them repeating the words “Columbian Cocaine! Russian Vodka!” over and over. It was hilarious and very entertaining.

From here, we headed back to the camp site… and I had some much needed R&R. I expected to sleep an hour or so, but when I eventually awoke, a good 3-4 hours had passed me by. This was the first bit of decent sleep that I’d had, so I felt a bit more energised. Then sun had also set so the air was amazingly cool.

The excitement layering the air thick throughout the campsite was tangible. Saturday night had one of the most insane band line-ups in Ramfest, and possibly even South African history. Am I exaggerating? If you were there, you wouldn’t disagree.

The first band I saw as we arrived was Taxi Violence. As always, they rocked like men possessed. George van der Spuy is one of those frontmen that just gets the crowd moving. That, and they hired that guy that fires sparks at the crowd. Always a winner, especially since at that point , eight thousand people were in the perfect state of mind to go “Oooh! Sparks!”. While we’re on the topic, have you seen their music video for Devil & Pistol? Watch it now!

After the fantastic Taxi Violence it was time for Isochronous. Wow. These guys had quite a hype to live up to, with various sources ranting and raving about how brilliant these guys are… and they were spot on. I was just amazed at how young they were. Doesn’t it usually take people years to produce an original sound and vibrant, energetic performance like that? They were rock solid on stage and somehow they just seemed… free? I know that sounds crazy, so maybe ‘liberated’ is a better word. I don’t know. All I do know is don’t miss these guys in action.

It was around this time that we were joined by Marius, a welcome addition to the posse for the night. Most of us scattered into different locations (or were lost) but  me Ian, Marius and Nick stuck together. We bumped into Tecla at some point as well, but it’s all a blur. Everything except the music.

Next up was the always-good Die Heuwels Fantasties. This was one of my favourite performances by them so far, and Jack Parow (who apparently had a bit of a rough set the morning) was on form for “Die Vraagstuk” as well. Big ups… you guys rocked.

Third up was Lark. If you haven’t heard of Lark or never seen Lark perform live, then I hang my head in shame on your behalf. Inge Beckmann along with Paul, Fuzzy and Mr. Sakatumi are masters of their craft. Inge Beckmann is a goddess on stage. There is not much I can say about them, except… wow. Look out for their “V” tour. They will be performing at Klein Libertas and Assembly soon, and then somewhere in Johannesburg and Pretoria as well. Facebook knows all!

The next band were South African music legends Boo! I remember listening to Chris Chameleon and his stark raving mad band years ago on Barney Simon’s Night Zoo (I miss that the Zoo… who remembers Uncle Paul’s Bedtime Stories?) and I’ve always loved them. Then, Chris decided to star in a soapie or two and even turn to performing cheesy Afrikaans songs. I’m not sure what spawned the change, but Boo! was back and in top form. Chris, once again stepping into his drag and high heels, had the most insane vocal range I have ever heard in my life. He might not be human; I wouldn’t be able to tell. Who cares, they were awesome! For those of you hoping to see them live soon, I have a bit of bad news though. Yes, they will be back with a brand new album and a new look but that is also the bad news. We were the last group of people ever to see them perform as the “old” Boo! … in Mr. Chameleon’s own words. No matter, though, I am sure their next incarnation will be equally fantastic. In the meanwhile, get those Hot Tub Time Machines ready, go back in time and get yourself the “Pineapple” album. I know I did. My Delorean knows no limits… Great Scott!

Last up was Pendulum. It was only the DJ and the frontman from Pendulum, but they brought the house down. Imagine a few thousand people, all dancing like possessed lunatics, lasers firing overhead, the incredible, incredible music almost deafening. Listen out for their new single entitled “Vulture” . One part I distincly remember was when they sampled the intro to “The Final Countdown”, and just as it broke down it changed to the most ear-splitting dubstep I’ve ever heard in my life. It was both the most horrendous and the most beautiful sound I’ve ever laid ears upon. I can’t explain it any better than that unfortunately. After Pendulum were done we headed back to the tent and passed out in exhaustion. My legs were on fire. My life was on fire.

Pretty soon, Sunday was on fire as well. It was 42 degrees in Worcester, and we were already burnt to a crisp and hung over. While most parties decided that chilling in the shade was a good idea, I took a walk down to the main stage, meeting up with Sterling Trimby, Thandi Holtzhausen and Carina. We sat in the shade and watched 7th Son, and they were not what I expected. Very South African; very cool. They did a really interesting cover of “Kids” from MGMT.

Around this time I decided that we would have to try and head homewards, but there was still a lot to do. I headed back to camp, where nothing much had changed except that Fourie and the other boys were ready to leave. The next thing I knew it was only the tripod (being myself Ian and Nick) and the gang of WildWest girls left. Did I mention the girls partied through the night again? They like to party.

The next hour was spent taking down The Eiffel Tent- biggest tent in the world. Every ten minutes we would pour water all over ourselves because being soaking wet was the only way to survive in the blistering sun. I even had a towel over my head which lead to inevitable Arab jokes. But I can take it.

What felt like forever later, the cars were packed. The girls had been chilling under a tree waiting for us, so we decided to take one last dip in the river before making trails. We stormed down and I decided to jump in clothes-and-all. The return trip would be a lot more pleasant, soaking wet…

So here I am on a Wednesday afternoon, just finishing this article. I mention this because I am still a broken man. My body is sore and my sunburn is peeling… I’ve seen better days.

The days of Ramfest. If it happened every weekend I’d die a happy man. On the other hand, that doesn’t say much about my life expectancy.

Worth it.

(Thanks to all the people who’s photos I stole)


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Corsets & Orchids

(I used a few photos taken backstage by Roxy as well as photos and a video from Caryn – I hope you guys don’t mind, great job!)

Lourens Loki Corleone

The last week went by really quickly, ladies and gentleman. I think that Mr. Frost might need to do a follow-up to his Guide to Surviving Ramfest entitled “Guide to Surviving The Week After Ramfest”. I know I barely made it through, and I’m still exhibiting scars from that weekend madness.

Predicably, we discovered it was Friday again – sans the music festival. We had something a bit different planned this time though.
As you all remember, a few months ago, Roxy entered the Black Orchid Best of Burlesque Competition and came second. She had my vote, but the judges ruled that (the also brilliant) Kitty Fay should take the gold home.

Two weeks ago Rox told me the news: Black Orchid had asked her to join the troupe as an official member. It seemed like Tenille (AKA Lady Magnolia) had decided to go her own solo route, so Roxy was chosen as the new 4th member of the troupe. She decided that she didn’t want to join the Beasties side of the troupe; she prefered focusing on the classic burlesque rather than the darker, edgier side of The Beasties, in fitting with her choice of character.

Asking her brother’s help with the music, Nick quickly mixed a few songs together for Rox’s routine. All she had left to do was practice, practice, practice.

Her first show with Black Orchid Burlesque would be “Taking It Off On Broadway”, and the night had come to paint Cape Town red. There were limited tickets but, luckily, ours were arranged for us. When I say “arranged”, I mean that we gave someone else money to buy tickets for us because we are known for our slight tendency to procrastinate.

Not long after I get back to Somerset West after work on Friday we hit the road to Observatory, Cape Town. We were joined by cousin Andrea and the rest of Rox’s girl gang (the Pop Tarts), would meet us there.

I have to admit that I was quite excited. I love the burlesque scene. Besides agreeing with the empowering aspects of it, it is largely entertaining to watch, especially when the girls are as beautiful as the Black Orchid girls (my slight star-crush on Scar-Lit Hearts not having anything to do with it of course.)

Observatory is definitely one of my favourite parts of Cape Town. The vibrant characters that inhabit it, in contrast with Observatory’s slightly seedy reputation prove to be a very potent cocktail. Pun intended.
You can almost taste the energy in the air. For those who don’t know, Lower Main Road in Obz is home to infamous establishments like Gandalfs, Roots (formerly Cool Runnings), Obz Cafe, the Armchair Theatre and a treasure trove of other little pubs and hole-in-the-walls. Driving down the narrow road, it is easy forget that you are in South Africa.

The best thing about Obz would be the people. Think: bohemian revolution with a heavy dose of alternative. You might get the picture. We parked the car under care of an enthusiastic car-guard named Bessie (officially the strangest name for a male) and headed towards the venue. The back room of Obz Cafe hosts a small theater where Taking It Off Broadway was preparing to start.

As we walked in, I happened upon someone I hadn’t seen in years. Christopher (who’s surname escapes me) has got his heart set on stand up comedy, and God knows we need some fresh funny-men in our current South African slump. Good luck mate! He introduced me to the person standing next to him and a Jagermeister later, and we were all friends.

Having met up with the Pop Tarts, we made our way to the seats and waited in anticipation for the show to start. We didn’t wait long.

Roxy de Light

The theme was “Broadway”, obviously, so most of the numbers for the night had a similar feel; many were taken from Chicago, Cats, Cabaret and other famous productions.
First up was the entire Black Orchid Troupe doing a short dance number and giving the audience a chance to get to know them. Fantastic! I knew that Roxy didn’t have much time to rehearse it but nonetheless I think they all performed exceptionally well and in full character.

Diva DisaStar, Scar-Lit Hearts, Roxy Delight, Kitty Fay

A few minutes later Diva DisaStar was up. Interestingly enough, she started out scantily clad but strategically covered-up and acted out a girl getting ready for a night out on the town. The crowd still, as the show had just begun, but being a pro, Star soon rectified the situation with her temptress demeanor, strutting her stuff on stage with gusto. A true diva if I ever saw one.

Next up was the troupe’s songbird, Miss Melody, performing “Fever”. Her voice is amazingly full and within seconds she had successfully mesmerized the crowd.

Following Miss Melody was our Wild Wester, Roxy de Light. We  whooped and cheered as she played the cabaret vixen, dancing around the stage with grace and flair and then eventually turning the skit into her own version of “strip” poker. As her choice of song suggested: “The name on everybody’s lips is gonna be…Roxy!”
She may have been nervous a few days before the big night, but in true Rox fashion she was in her element once she set foot on the stage.

Roxy de Light

Roxy De Light

After her routine there was a brief intermission. We stocked up on drinks and nicotine and returned to the theatre area just in time for Kitty Fay to do her thing. She had put a lot of effort into her routine: It was definitely the best sequence I’ve seen her do, especially keeping in theme with the night. She showed her flexibility with some high kicks, and the crowd loved it. These girls were made to perform!

Kitty Fay

The second last act was Scar-Lit Hearts with her Marilyn Monroe tribute…the “red-head” version. Sporting a sexy white corset, she made sure the guys had their jaws on the floor and probably the girls as well. A playful personality clearly shines through on stage, and definitely adds to her already sultry performance.

Scar-Lit Hearts

Last up was both Diva DisaStar and Scar-Lit Hearts performing a number from “Guys & Dolls”. They delivered the number with an overabundance of sass, and the audience (us included) were delighted at their tongue-in-cheek portrayal of girls having to give up their material things. When they were done, the rest of the troupe appeared on stage and continued to captivate the crowd while Star thanked everyone that contributed to the success of the show.

Kitty Fay
The night was truly a success! I eagerly look forward to the next one. Girls, keep up the good work. Roxy, congratulations from your Wild West fan base for a successful debut. Black Orchid Burlesque is sure to make waves.

After the show we decided not to join the Pop Tarts at Ponchos but to head to back to Somerset West. We made it home in record time, but then it took us a further hour to decide what to do next. Phil, who was honing his gambling skills playing online poker, decided to join us. We headed towards town to pick up Jess Johnstone who was out partying.

Diva DisaStar, Scar-Lit Hearts, Roxy De Light, Kitty Fay

When we found her she was accompanied by Esna Strydom, Julian Bach and Jan Spies. They jumped in their respective cars and followed us to our next destination. Gordon’s Bay… (ominous music)

Kaygan Britz had invited us to join a party they had going on at Mark and Jade’s house, and, eventually after getting horribly lost on the way there, they came to the rescue and found us.

What happened next was spur-of-the-moment insanity. The music was good and the people were friendly. I remember sitting at the table at one stage, Jan sitting next to me, looking up at the group of girls dancing enthusiastically on the table and thinking: good times! A fist-bump emphasised how much we enjoyed this kind of behaviour.
At some point Esna and Julian decided the roof would be a good place to make noise. It was about this time that the Police showed up to break the party up; which was a pity as we were having mad fun. But that is what the Police do. And to be fair, it was some ungodly hour of the morning).

We drove back to Somerset West and the moment we crawled into the front door I headed for my bed and the hangover that was sure to follow the next morning.

When I woke up there were people passed out on the pool table and bodies all over the couches in the lounge… and everything was calm. For a while.

For a video of the Black Orchid girls doing what they do best, take a look at Caryn’s awesome mini-documentary OVER HERE.


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