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A collection of local Facebook Faux Pas. See who you can recognise.

Facebook Faux Pas #2

Here are some more delightfully humorous local Facebook mishaps. Posting things on the internet leaves a lasting trail; this is where we celebrate that disadvantage. Enjoy!



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Facebook Faux Pas

Every now and then someone comes along who posts something on Facebook, whether intentionally or accidentally, that provides us (or maybe just me) with a laugh for the day. Don’t get me wrong, these people are my friends, and who better to make me laugh than my friends; the following snaps aren’t meant to try and belittle anyone or to point and make fun.

Over the past months I have screen-shot a few Facebook statii that I thought stood out amongst the rest. Kudos to anyone who can guess who said what?

If you’ve spotted any funny Flacidbook statuses and would like to submit them to The Wild West, just drop me a mail with your pictures attached and the subject line: Fackbook.


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