Some Synergy Sin

So we arrived at Synergy Live 2010 on day two of the festival – a fatal mistake for any live music festival goer. One has to take the necessary time to acclimatise and adjust to the surroundings at an event like this: Campsite here. Bathrooms there. Food here. Giant Frankenstein Monster blow-up there. We missed out on the advantages inherent in attending a festival from day one and as a result, had no idea what the f**k we were doing.

Synergy Live 2010

After staring stupidly out of the back seat of a car while Kyle coerced two gate attendants into giving us a media pass, we were directed towards – what we believed to be – our campsite. As it turns out, there’s a whole lot of wine farm at Boschendal Estate; the fact that we were lost was not only becoming increasingly obvious, it was also completely amazing, considering that there was an outdoor music festival somewhere in our immediate vicinity.

Synergy Live 2010

We eventually found our camping spot: a spacious, shaded area that was – at first, startling for a group of people who are used to the dry, thorny plateau of RAMfest. We set up the tent, and proceeded to get cracking on the booze. This was followed by a hurried drive down to the YourLMG Tent, where Heldervue were getting their jam on.

Synergy Live 2010

We caught the tale-end of their set – which was golden, as always – and headed to the bar. Next up was CT rockers, Fox Comet – who I had never seen before; I was well impressed. After a much needed meeting with the Captain, I took a look around the grounds a little to see the lay-of-the-land. Synergy was big. Big in the best kind of way. The three separate music stages were well positioned, each offering their own unique blend of South African music. We eventually made our way down to the main stage to see the Hogs’ set. Mind blown.

Synergy Live 2010

I’m the kind of festival goer that prefers to stand back and actually watch a band play, as apposed to being directly involved in a moshpit – or even moving my body in any way that is not necessary. I just like it that way. Needless to say, I didn’t actually watch a lot of the bands that played on Saturday as we spent most of our time investigating various attractions littered around the grounds. Wacky-waving-inflatable-arm-flailing-tube-man!

Synergy Live 2010

And then night time just happened. I think I experienced Saturday night in much the same way as everyone else: blinding lights. Spinning ride thing. Drink. Pizza. Drink. Walk around trying to find people. Smoke. Drink. Climb a tree. Fall. Drink. People in neon shirts on mushrooms. Shouting. And then Feeder, the headlining act. A band that is highly underrated. After playing songs that I had known for years – despite not knowing their origin, Feeder left the stage and the crowd dispersed. Oh, and the Nutella crêpes. Did I mention those?

Synergy Live 2010

We awoke the next morning to the sound of Tecla frantically calling: “Kyle! Kyooooooooole!”. What followed was a post-party chill-out session in the VIP campsite, where we listened to relaxed acoustic songs and complained at length about our hangovers. A perfect end to the weekend, accentuated by another round of crêpes courtesy of Jono. What a guy.

Synergy Live 2010

Until next year Synergy!

Synergy Live 2010



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3 responses to “Some Synergy Sin

  1. I only heard two words in this post. Nutella Crepes. Argghhhh!!!!!!

  2. Marlet

    From the sounds of it I must start playing the Lotto so that I can have the bucks for next year Synergy

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