The Wild West

In Corleone’s last post, he mentioned that we would be changing the name, not to mention look-and-feel, and subject matter (to a certain extent) of the Nick Frost Music website. The reasons for doing so were two-fold. Firstly, the old layout was looking bland and unattractive, and secondly, the site was no longer really about NFM.

It is now The Wild West: Somerset West Side Stories.

We will be transferring our blog to a hosting service within the next month to make further changes to the  layout and general ease-of- navigation, so we apologize in advance if it acts up at all over the next few weeks.

If you look around you will notice a few changes. Most are purely cosmetic. We will be including links to all Somerset West bands/performers/artists/photographers/models/journalists/anything else in the side bar so if anyone would like anything included, please feel free to send a email to

Thanks to a lucky combination of clever SEO courtesy of Ian Eagleheart Kay, the sudden rise in popularity of local group Die Antwoord (speaking of which, they have a new song free download available on their site) and the general consistency of our posts, the website has been doing amazingly well lately with 5249 unique views (and counting) this month alone. Things are looking up.

Lastly, we are looking for two or three new writers who would be interested in writing for We are looking for males/females (situated in Somerset West, or immediate surroundings) who:

  • attend various events
  • enjoy writing
  • are good at writing
  • play in a band
  • are funny
  • are consistent
  • are a (pre-twilight) vampire.

If you are any two of the above you are most likely a perfect candidate, so please let us know if you’re interested. Send a mail to

click for high-res version


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