Stilbaai Violence

Up until and including New Years’, the wild western dwellers made their mark on Stilbaai, if not in the figurative sense, then definitely in carbon-footprint sense.

So Stilbaai was hectic. Apart from the horde of psychedelic party-lovers who spread their wings and flew on over to Rezonance for New Years, Stilbaai seemed to be housing (or should it be ‘tenting’) most of South Africa’s populace. Or at least a great variety of them. Luckily we seem to fit right in with the people who don’t fit in.

Ian managed to throw-up on a bar-lady, so he was quite well-popular around the area; Dennis almost killed our entire campsite with, upon investigation, what appeared to be a wine-bottle grenade. But as far as leaving their  mark goes, Shadowcat took the cake, clocking in a rough man-handling from the pigs, a night in the slammer, and a looming court-case for an outstanding DUI.

And isn’t that what holidays are all about?


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One response to “Stilbaai Violence

  1. Lourens Loki Corleone

    Luckily, with my precognative abilities, I managed to save us all from impending glass-face doom!

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