Talkin’ About A Revolution

-Lourens Loki Corleone

I know, I know. You’ve missed me. Happy new year! It’s been about a month since my last post and I humbly apologise for my shameless procrastination. It won’t happen again, I promise!

new years 2009

Well, it might happen again. You know I can’t lie to you. Although, I do promise to keep it to a minimum.

This, in a strangely roundabout way, brings me to my next topic. This blog. Nick and I have been discussing how it has evolved into more than we originally considered. Readers have dramatically increased, most of the posts fall under the “Chronicles” section and it has very little to do with Nick Frost Music, besides Mr. Frost being co-author and his gigs being mentioned periodically.

That said, we love the way the blog has turned out and in the spirit of progress, we decided that very very soon we are going to rename the blog and the url to something a bit more appropriate. The Wild West. We also plan to add an author or three to the roster, so if you feel you have what it takes to contribute stories about your weekends or (mis)adventures, feel free to email me at with an example of your work. I know, my posts tend to be lengthy in nature (but you love it, you know you do) so I don’t necessarily expect the same: Your style, your post, your personality. That is all I ask!

This is all still early days though, we might not expand for quite a while…it all depends on your reaction, now doesn’t it? So, let the games begin!

Okay, so where were we? Oh yes, it’s been a month, blah blah. Here goes:

Friday night. Friday night. After the week that I had, Friday night seemed like the light at the end of the tunnel, the messiah to my weekly social pariah.

Well, not quite, but it seems like that sometimes. Getting home from work on a Wednesday only to find your best friends bronzed from a day at the beach or having to go to sleep while a lucky few who choose their own hours get to socialize until the break of dawn does tend to tip the scale on my Murder-O-Meter.

When Friday arrives, my friends are bound by contract to never back down, never surrender … until Monday kicks me in the balls again.

So, when I got home on Friday I gathered the troops (myself, Nick, Ian, Dennis, Phil, Lauren, Jess, Jess) and we set forth to The Nameless Pub for one of the highlights of my weekend: The 357’s /  Ragdolls / Sleepers gig.

Fearing what the turnout would be like, I promoted the gig quite enthusiastically all over Facebook but I was still a bit nervous. This would be the first time that the Wild West (catchy, ain’t it?) would be hosting The Ragdolls and The Sleepers and I wanted to welcome them with as much vigour as our town could muster.

The turnout was great. I’ve seen better, but then it involves Heldervue, Change of View and after-payday wallets. So, I was happy. Very happy.

I was particularly glad that I manage to see a few people that I rarely have the pleasure of seeing in person (which is a terribly shame, I really have to kick myself into action). Two of my school friends were there, namely Steven and Heinrich: Two of my favourite people. Steven was accompanied by his prettier half, Natasje.

Also, I FINALLY manage to at least have more than a 5-minute drunken encounter (whoa, that sounds terrible…who writes this smut?) with the fantastic Tecla, who I seem to only ever run into when we are both heading in opposite directions (see, I told you there was an innocent explanation…psssh). I also got to hang with Sarah. The Pope doesn’t know it yet, but I’m totally carving her name onto my desk, right next to Brody Dalle.

So, the night opened with The 357’s who are quickly gaining popularity. I am losing count how many people tell me that this is one of their favourite local bands. I sadly only saw the second half of their set, but it sounded great…as always. It was also bassist Chris’ birthday so not only were they on the ball, they were in celebration mode. Good going, guys.

Next up were the Ragdolls. Now, the fact that I have never seen Sarah and her band live before has been a topic of ridicule for quite a while now. The amount of times I’ve managed to be busy while they are performing somewhere is horrendous, but I finally made up for it and boy, was it worth it. The Ragdolls explode of the stage like a bat out of hell, with Sarah’s unique voice leaving the crowd speechless. Well, speechless except for Nick Kuiper who kept yelling “Oh my god! They fucking rock!” in my ear. Words of wisdom Mr. Kuiper. The rest of her crew were great as well, rock solid. Great show, guys! Not long after it was The Sleepers’ turn, and they didn’t disappoint either. Very, very cool! The lead singer’s has a great voice and they have a sound that will get them far. I am looking forward to seeing then as by this time the alcohol was kicking in and my A.D.D kicked into full swing.

It was around this time that Mike Smith (editor of YourLMG Magazine and all-round cool guy) and I had a conversation about the nature of the Wild West’s nightlife and the severe lack of dedicated ROAR or Mercury-quality live music venues. I smell a business opportunity…Dibs!

Afterwards we headed back towards The Eiffel Tower, where we had the music going until close on 5am. Our neighbours must hate us.

Did I mention that this was also our good friend Amelia’s farewell party? She’s leaving for Amsterdam. Good luck, girl…we will miss you like crazy.

Saturday morning arrived unexpectedly, and the hunger set in. Jess, Ian and Michelle left to buy food and arrived back with the most disgusting little pie-things that I’ve ever tasted. I can’t really describe the taste to you, but it was the food equivalent of the sound a cat makes when it is in heat. I spit it out, and ate an apple. El naturale!

Very soon it was time for Nameless again. My good friend Heather Waters was performing, joined with Nat and the Beanstalks.

Scotty and Adriana decided to join us, and the night was under way!

Nat and the Beanstalks were up first, and had the crowd dancing along with her covers like “Talkin’ About A Revolution” and a few originals thrown into the mix. Very chilled, but great. I also think the drummer girl is super cute, but I won’t type that out loud.

D’oh! Moving swiftly along…

Next up were Heather Waters and the Eiffel Towers, as I like to call them. Actually,  I’ve never called them that before, but seeing as the entire band (except for Heather) live at the Eiffel Tower, I think at least on or two jokes are in order. I will think up some more so long. Patience is a virtue.

With Briers doing the sound, everything sounded great! I do love her music, I’m quite sentimental about it – especially since I was on tour with them middle 2007.

When the gig was done we all decided to head to Springboks… and that is where it all goes wrong. Well, I say “wrong” but I mean “too much tequila”. I am told stories of jumping on basins, jumping out of cars…I was in the mood for jumping, it seems. Somewhere along the night, possibly because of a diet during the day that consisted of not much at all I was slightly caught of guard and, uncharacteristically, got blazingly liquored.

In any case, we arrived at home in piece and not long after I decided that sleep was the best idea possible, seeing as it was already light outside.

I woke up, and immediately I wasn’t sure whether I was dead or not. It was also after 3 in the afternoon. It wasn’t as much “beauty sleep” as “coma and possible brain damage”. I immediately swore to never drink again, and not long after I found myself sitting in Nameless once again, vodka and cream soda in my hand.

Take it easy, people. I only had one or two to cure my hangover. Promise.

So, as I said, suddenly I was in Nameless again. Just before we left I made myself Sunday lunch which consisted of baked potatoes and pork chops, so I was in food shock.

Food Shock (n) def: The hour or so after you eat large quantities of food in the middle of a raging hangover where you feel worse rather than better.

It was time for The Akelian Circus, and besides the blackmail and being-called-girls-names that led to me being there I was excited. They always put on a great show, and ends off my weekend perfectly. I love seeing so many of my friends all at once.

Despite a scary ginger man with a tooth missing jumping around the place, it was a good night! We were also joined by new acquaintances Danielle and Kaygan, who left way too early. Tsk tsk!

I am not one to talk though. Around 11pm Ian and I decided that it is time to take our leave and while The Akelian Circus were busy with their final set we walked home to a house made of couches, Xbox 360, Frankenstein cigarettes and Supernatural.

That is how my night ended, folks. I loved every minute of it! Oh, Rebecca, I totally googled “La Fille Morte Vivente”. You were spot on, as expected:

Living Dead Girl.


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