A Display of Communal Accordance

You may have noticed I’ve done a few (much needed in my opinion) cosmetic changes to the blog. I, for one, think it looks very pretty in pink.

So. Straight to the point. This weekend. This is happening:

Heldervue, The Revelators, NFM

Heldervue, The Revelators, NFM

The poster is pretty self-explanatory; 10th Rocktober, The Nameless Pub, R10 Damage and R70 (one-time price) get’s you an album. There is really no reason why you shouldn’t be there.

This will be Part II in the trilogy of album launch gigs that Heldervue have undertaken to promote and sell their debut album, Communal Accordance, the first of which was at Mercury Live in Cape Town, and the last of which will be at Aandklas in Stellenbosch.

The line-up is not something to laugh at either: Heldervue, The Revelators and little old me. I haven’t heard The Revelators yet but judging souly on the word going around, I can pretty much guarantee you that they’re gonna rock. What more is there to say? Be there.



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