Don’t Shoot The Instant Messenger

I wrote this article a while ago on one of my other blogs, and decided to repost it here today. I feel it is appropriate once again, what with all the bad press MXit has been getting, and the decision taken on MXit’s behalf to release a press-release stating they will take this defamation no further. Good for them I say. Here we go…

“Teen sells nude pics on MXit”.

This is the headline catching all the attention on various news websites and blogs around the internet.,,2-7-1442_2475507,00.html




It seems to me that false accusations, inaccurate ‘facts’ and willful ignorance is fast becoming the new black. The fact that the media and press would take a story like this and blame it almost directly on an Instant Messaging service is a modern day version of the old Shakespearian sentiment: Don’t shoot the messenger.

For those who haven’t checked out the above links yet, in a nutshell, a 13-year old girl met a deranged stranger on MXit and ended up selling nude photographs of herself for R170 (+- $17) a shot.
Naturally, it is not the girl’s fault, nor the pedophilic geriatric’s. It most certainly isn’t the parent’s fault! Definitely not. How could it possibly be when they weren’t involved at all (which is most likely the problem).

It is, in fact, MXit’s fault.

How dare they allow instant text messages to be sent between users for next to no cost?! How dare they provide an easy and cost-effective way of communicating?! How can they even consider using this mobile platform to bring educational possibilities to those who can’t afford traditional school?!
They (MXit) most certainly must be the devil himself, reincarnated as a Mobile Social-Networking Medium.

Now, the girl (apparently) hadn’t told the man where she lived. But he found out anyway. To explain this, the press are saying he had contacts in the mobile-phone industry, namely: MXit.
Pathetic if you ask me.
Do they honestly believe that a 13-year old girl who has just been busted for selling nude pictures of herself is going to tell the 100% truth to her parents and the world? They are living in a seperate universe if they do. Let us keep in mind that this girl did agree to take the photos, nude photos at that, and then tried to hide the evidence from her parents by hastily deleting messages and who-knows-what-else from her mobile phone. I’m fairly sure she is capable of lying too. Anyway, let’s not point fingers just yet.

When the Press-horses finally take the blinders off from the sides of their eyes, maybe they will realize that coming up with articles like this is detrimental to global consciousness to say the least. People are not meant to be made to think this way. You can’t blame a car for a car accident. Car’s don’t kill people (unless you believe Stephen King writes non-fiction). People kill people.

MXit doesn’t negotiate with underage minors. Sick men with no lives do.
How does one avoid this?
Don’t talk to sick men with no lives.

I know that. You know that. The 13-year old girl knew that. The man knew that. The parents knew that.

Take away people’s top medium of communication and we’ll have a lot bigger problems on our hands than underage pornography. MXit has an estimated 12 million users. That would, inevitably, mean a large amount of angry people with no way to speak to each other. And yes, maybe the crime rate would decrease, but only minimally so and for a small amount of time, because let’s face it, if people are going to commit a crime, they are going to commit a crime, MXit or no MXit.

So don’t shoot the instant messenger.

Find the source, and shoot that instead.



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  1. Still love this article…Dead on. Bang bang.

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