Marc’s 21st: Forgetting the Unforgettable

Mad Props to my friend and brother Marc Frost.
I love you bro.
Now over to Lourens Loki Corleone for the recap…

Marc Frost

Where to begin? At the beginning, I suppose.

Well, it all began decades ago, with a boy liking a girl. Soon after, Marc was born. His parents looked upon their little girl and said, we shall call him Marc, after his great aunt Marcy! Six months later he had a fully-grown fringe which is most likely the reason that now, 21 years later, he wears glasses.

This is where my story begins; on a very particular wintery Tuesday night.

Earlier in the week Dax decided that he needed to throw a surprise birthday party for Marc, his best friend and flat mate.
They reside at the prestigious Frost Manor, the sister-house to the mighty Eiffel Tower whom many of you should be familiar with by now. It was planned for 17h30, but when I arrived just after 6 from work, Dax and Marc were still standing in the foyer of their apartment building, Marc, deep in conversation with his parents on his phone.

I shouted to make them aware of my presence, but one look from Dax and I knew:
I was in time! The surprise had not happened yet.
I ducked out of view (I was staring through the mail slot in the main door), and Dax covered my presence very eloquently by shouting at a fictitious homeless person. Classy! Marc headed up the stairs slowly, and Dax quickly slipped over to the door to let me in… and locked himself out in the process.

As we walked around the block to enter through the back door, hoping Marc hadn’t gone into the house yet, we realized we were being followed. Dax glanced behind us and yelled: “Sean, come on!”
I turned, looked at the person behind us, and burst out laughing. Some homeless guy, beckoned by Dax (I hope this isn’t a regular occurrence), was following us at top speed. Turns out that Dax mistook the homeless guy with a big beard for our friend Sean Bossenger, who has a goatee but doesn’t look anything like a bum… if you are reading this, we love you Sean!

We distracted the bum with some shiny change and witty banter, and continued on our perilous journey around the block in the centre of town, where Frost Manor is located. Our epic road trip was packed with romance, laughter and suspense… it was the best 5 minutes of walking in the world. Maybe.

Finally back inside the Frost Manor apartment block, I had to wait downstairs, skulking like a ninja, while Marc was finishing up his cellphone call. Luckily our mishap at the front door did not cause us to miss the surprise. Miracles DO happen.
Now, just to give you clarity, while all this was going on, Frost Manor was filled with people who were waiting in anticipation for Marc to arrive… half an hour late.

5 minutes later, it happened… I heard keys rustling and made my move. As I got upstairs, Marc opened the front door and the world exploded with cries of Surprise! balloons popping, drinks spilling and Marc having a tiny heart attack. It was definitely worth it. The smile on his face could have cured cancer.
Our group of friends is quite strange… we are all so different, but we are all close enough to be family, and we never forget it.

The night had begun!

Dax organized the music, someone organized a hubbly, and the scene was set. Everyone had a drink in their hand, and the mood was electric! Shortly before we decided to relocate venue, we discovered that one could go up to the roof of the Frost Manor; a perfect spot for fresh air, romance or mischief! Or all three…

Being respectful towards the neighbors, we decided to move to Old Bridge, which is a controversial choice, seeing as the Frost boys are not on good terms with one of the staff members, a troublesome troll. Nevertheless, we do what we want and we go where we want, so Old Bridge it was.
After a quick stop at the Eiffel Tower, we headed on down. We were there for 5 minutes, before trouble started brewing.

Marc, quite liquored-up already, decided to shout “Bitch! Give me a beer!” at the barman, who was the person of ill repute in this story. This behavior continued all night long.
Now, this might sound like a terrible thing to do, but there is way MORE TO THE STORY. This particular person went out of his way to insult the Frost and its members, because of a personal vendetta. Not cool in our books! For shame!

In any case, Marc was bought drink after drink, and champagne also did the rounds. We were in our element, and the conversations that were sparked were as epic in nature as they were graphic. Good bro conversations!
Marc didn’t make eleven PM.
Dax and Sherilyn dragged him off home to sleep it off. He fought them off bravely, but eventually succumbed and went home. Sherilyn is stronger than she looks! POWER!

Not too much later we moved inside, and we were joined by Paul Melis, Gerhard de Kock and Sebastian du Toit, from Yes Sir! Mister Machine, at which point Nick Frost thought it appropriate to start telling the lamest jokes in the world, followed closely by Paul Melis. Okay, to be fair, it was quite hilarious… Damn you, alcohol!

Shortly after midnight, we opted to make a move towards the Eiffel Tower, where I decided to make dinner. I was joined in the kitchen by a very starving Kails Viljoen and Lauren Hochfelden.
The rest of the gang decided that some ping pong and Max Normal was a good idea. Our neighbors must hate us!

Eventually we said goodbye to our friends, and retired to our beds, all very worried about how our heads are going to feel at work the next day! All in a day’s work, I guess! Happy Birthday Marc. We fucking love you dude!

Eiffel Tower!


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