Shout Out to Obama

I have to make this one quick as there is precious little time…

Shout Out to Obama

Mobile Social Network giants, MXit, and also my employers (hell yeah) have taken the next step it seems.

MXit users throughout Africa will be able to send Barack Obama a message via MXit. Simply compete the questionnaire found at MXit’s Tradepost entering your name, city, country and comment. Barack Obama will then receive your MXit message. This will only be available for 24 hours starting at 6pm (GMT +2).

This initiative is a collaboration between MXit and the American Embassy to promote the Obama visit from the 10th to the 11 July to Ghana. Contact Obama? Yes we can!

Thanks to: Rafiq Phillips for that info 🙂

Download MXit NOW at:

So right now everyone is going crazy. Facebook, MXit and Twitter, and I for one am interested as to what questions people are going to ask Mr President.

Lets wait and see shall we? Expect an update SOON.



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