Stereo Zen Gig Review

Stereo Zen

It is very rare that you come across a band that not only sounds like a champagne supernova, but also manages to be unique in a distinctly memorable way…Stereo Zen are definitely one of these.

Stereo Zen crowd going wild!

On stage they are a pleasure to watch, really drawing the crowd in with their energetic performance…but the real magic is in the sound. Blending genres seem to be the order of the day, and Stereo Zen manages to blend good old rock & roll with funk and even some heavier elements.

Stereo Zen Live

A distinctive heavy bassline sets the pace, laying the groundwork for catchy guitar riffs, saxaphone, and funky vocals…and with song titles like “Keep your *** clean” you won’t be able walk away without a smile on your face, your foot tapping and your neck permanently wounded from headbanging.

There is something fundamentally wrong with the music industry today, if bands like these remain relatively unknown. We have enough talent to bombard the international music market, but as a nation we seem to be suffering from a crippling low self-esteem disorder. I hope I live to see the day when a band can become famous on talent alone, not on the budget and reach of their marketing agent.

Stereo Zen fans!

Whatever the case, you now have no excuse to plead ignorance! Stereo Zen is a breath of fresh air in a local market that is flooded by clones, and I hope we see more bands follow their own heads instead of trying to sound like everyone else.

That’s all from me today, folks! Keep well, and check out the Stereo Zen group on Facebook HERE.

Stereo Zen: A breath of fresh air.


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