Heldervue – Communal Accordance [Album Review]

To pre-order Heldervue – Communal Accordance send a mail to: Julian Bach

Heldervue have appeared, as if out of nowhere, to take the current South African music scene by storm.

Heldervue - Communal Accordance

HELDERVUE began their life-cycle as The Vontaines, a three-piece band originating from the small town of Somerset West. While playing alongside big South African names such as aKing and The Dirty Skirts, they matured their sound, and found their niche in the scene.

They changed their name to Heldervue after a unanimous decision to pay homage to the quaint suburb from which they all three originated.

Heldervue’s sound is a mixed one. Not since I can remember have I heard a band that maintains the same creativity, originality and flair throughout an entire set. Their music draws the listener in, and keeps them there right until the very end.

The lyrics are enigmatic, yet beautifully thought out and even quirky sometimes, and they are delivered with a punch as lead vocalist Julian Bach parades around the stage, taking regular intervals to converse with his mic.

Heldervue’s debut album, Communal Accordance (due for release July 2009), demonstrates the true versatility of the three musicians in the band, as it is almost completely produced by the band itself, a tack more and more local and international artists are taking these days.

From start to finish, the album takes the listener on a wild journey of sensation, evoking, not only happiness or sadness, but also inner contemplation. From the first single, Evolve, which demonstrates the unique and unconventional grasp of rhythm adopted by the band, to the title track, Communal Accordance, which attacks the listener with a barrier of sound from start to finish, ending usually with an audio-induced coma of sorts, this album is NOT to be missed.

The three members of Heldervue (Julian Bach, Phil Joubert and Fourie Pretorius) are currently preparing for tour following the album release in July.

Keep an eye out. It gets a LOT better.


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