My 21st Birthday

So. I am, at last, of age.
Just wanted to give a little post about what I did on the actual day of my birthday this year (being May 19th).

One of the most common things you will hear when you have a birthday, is the question: so, how does it feel? I’ve got a little something to say about this. Just a little rant in keeping with the feel of my usual pieces.

How do I feel? Well, I’m not sure I feel different at all really. I woke up and lay gazing dumbly at my duvet for what felt like hours before I remembered that it was my birthday. But, um, other than that, I would suppose that, considering I am physically older now (as I am every new morning) there’s almost no difference in the way I ‘feel’ and if their were, I would rather you not bring it up, because it would most likely be negative.

But aside from that, I was made breakfast in the morning by none other than my house-mates Lourens and Kirsten, both of whom had made the extra effort of getting up earlier than I do (not hard). You guys rock! Mad Props.
Needless to say, I didn’t eat any of it because I struggle to eat when I’ve just woken up; but it’s the thought that counts, and it was a well cooked thought I’m sure. 😉

After that I hopped into the car with my home-boy and girl, Richard and Nikita (respectively) and went on my way to work.

That day at work, just after lunch I went down to the bottle-store just outside Stellenbosch with Dax, Marc and Richard, and after a brief yet entertaining chat to the cashier about whether we were of age or not (I still got it obviously) we walked out with a case of beer, a bunch (official collective noun) of brutal bruit (bleh) and a couple bottles of Champagne, pronounced: Sham-pag-nay in my home language.

When I arrived back at the office I found out I had a pretty important meeting scheduled, but I also found out that the meeting was being held in Stellenbosch itself, at a little place called: The Blue Orange. Awesome. So off we (Nikita and myself) went to drink cappuccino (and later, beer) at the Blue Orange, with our Marketing Manager, Juan, International Brand Manager, Laura, and Acquisition Coordinator, Tanya, while talking of all things important and vital.

When we arrived back at the office I e-mailed everyone and told them to get themselves drinks downstairs… This is more-or-less where the festivities really began. We all had a few drinks in the canteen for a half hour or so before people started declaring the end of the work day, and we all went home.

MXit. What a cool place to work. 🙂

I got home a while later and was soon met by a hoard of people. Love it. We chilled for a little while, took a hike up to The Cave and talked about the night’s events ahead. It should be fun. But first things first.

Me and Pierre left the others at the house and went to pick my sister up, after which we went to my beloved mother’s house for dinner. It was good seeing the fan-damily (damn-family?) again. It’s amazing how little you see your parents after you move out. Only now do I fully appreciate just exactly what parents do for their kids. I NEVER want kids. Especially if they’re like me. 🙂

Before we had dinner my mom got up and said a little speech, but only after I’d threatened to displace her if she pulled the whole ‘tears-thing’. Regardless, there were a few tears on her behalf, and to stop myself getting choked up I convinced myself that she was only crying because I’m still alive.

Love you Zelda!

After the little Meet the Parents episode we got into my sister’s car and sped down to old bridge (I was late) because Kyle had just informed me via MXit that:

“You’re late! People think you aren’t coming, I’m holding it together by the seems!”

When I got to Old Bridge I was enthusiastically greeted by a crowd of my best and most close friends; the coolest group of individuals any one could ever hope to meet or get to know. There are way to many to name here, but they all know who they are.

And so we partied. Not really much I can say about it. You know how it goes. It was a week night so some people left a bit early for my liking, but that’s completely understandable. Once we had thinned the group down to a movable mass, we all made a unanimous decision to head over to Nameless (see previous posts).

By this stage of the night I was struggling to do things really, and thinking back on it now, I know I had a good time, I just can’t, for the life of me, figure out why or what I did. I know lots of photo’s were taken. I managed to find ONE of them.

nick and pole

Yeah. Well, believe it or not, this is not the first (nor the last) time I have experimented with poll-dancing. I am actually quite adept at it too.

Nameless after that was a blur, but strangely enough I remember returning home with a car or two filled with people, all of whom ended up partying at the house until around 5AM. Good times. And I didn’t fall asleep ONCE. Or pass-out!

Anyway, just keeping you up to date with the initial 21st celebration. Stay tuned for the next post where the real party happened.




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2 responses to “My 21st Birthday

  1. Ben

    Was that before or after the stroh rum ?? hahaha

  2. Lourens de Jager

    Was a fun night…glad I took the next day off!!

    Oh, and what Nick didn’t mention – he was about an hour and a half late for his own party. THAT is dedication to procrastinating! 😛

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