Starlet Strangers and Storm-Troopers

“I usually just get drunk and black out, and the next day all my friends are pissed off at me.”
Phil Joubert on Brandy

phil, jeannie, marc

I’m not usually one to take photos at an event or party, purely because I’ve always had the firm belief that taking photos was almost counter-intuitive to what life is all about. I thought: hmmm, I could relax, have a good time and socialize, or I could run around taking photos of people relaxing, having a good time, and socializing. I can then USE these photos, to PROVE I was there. Nah!

Needless to say, a lot of pictures were taken this weekend, and I’m pretty glad they were, because otherwise, everything gets muddled up amidst the memories. So here we go.

Friday started off with a BANG. A bang in the form of a quadruple house party. For those of you wondering what I’m talking about, let me explain. Myself and my house-mates, namely Nick K and Lourens, have the uncanny ability to organize parties without fully comprehending what we’re doing. For example, during the course of last week, a good friend, Dennis Krige, said to us: hey guys, it’s my birthday on Friday.
And we replied: Dennis, invite everybody to the house; we’ll throw a party for you.
A little later in the week, Lauren and Amelia came to visit and Amelia said: It’s my Birthday on Friday, I was supposed to go away, but it’s been cancelled. Not sure what I’ve got planned.
And, just like the friendly people we are, we replied: Hey, why don’t you have your party here. Just invite a whole bunch of your friends.
The same thing happened with another friend, Marius, and then we realized there was an addition of Kirsten’s room-warming party happening at the house. We had now effectively agreed to host 4 different parties, (3 of which were 21st’s) all with different social-circles at our house. What could be more fun?

jenn, phil, roliza

“Dude, you should drink tea in the morning. It rocks.”
Loki Swanepoel

julian, marc

“I might be having a stroke!”
Loki Lourens Corleone

nick, dax, demi

“She’s like a little human… Nick, you should give her issues!”
Kyle Solms

People started arriving at around 8-9PM, and they didn’t stop.
The best thing about hosting 4 different parties, is the different people you get to meet. I probably knew about 50% of the people who attended on Friday night, but I am not complaining. I had a great time; running around from group to group, never staying in one place for longer than a quick joke and/or shot.

If you’ve ever been to our place, you may have noticed it’s a rather strange layout of rooms. Well… not strange, so much as unique. If you walk through our front door you are met with a brief passage which quickly leads into the bar area (convenience much?) and pool room. This room holds an assortment of band and event posters from the past, and a wall appropriately named: The Memory Wall.
Through the sliding door you’re met with what was once an outside entertainment area and braai room, but has since been revamped to include a lot of couch space, a TV, a sound-system and a big ‘detour’ sign. This room also leads out onto our colour-changing pool (oh I love the pink!) and garden.
So that all seems well and fine, but upon second inspection, you’ll notice some not-so-normal things about the house. Say, if you were to take a walk down the passage as if you were going to the bathroom, and just outside the bathroom you looked directly above you, you would notice a trapdoor in the ceiling. Once opened, this trapdoor presents a set of ladder/stairs, which lead up to a room-in-the-roof we like to call: The Cave. I could go on about The Cave, but fortunately I’m not going to.

loki emerging from The Cave

“I woke up in The Cave this morning. It was dark.”
Nick Frost

I had an awesome time on Friday night, and I’m sure the rest of the guests experienced much the same. When I later spoke to my house-mate Lourens, he asked me where I had been the entire night. Apparently I had been running around like a mad person. Turns out he spent the night with Little Lauren, laughing and poking fun at people they knew nothing about. Ah, you gotta love judgement.
But there was no fighting, no drama and no death. So. Really. What is there to complain about? Here are some more pics:

the bar/pool room

“Nick has a girl’s disease.”
Lourens Loki Corleone

julian, alain, nikita

“I live in a wooden box, fuck off!”
Kirsten Pixie Snyman

marc, nick, loki

“Nobody told me about the Roman sex orgies?!”
Lourens Loki Corleone

I was later informed that Friday night came to an end.
As I mentioned before, the morning after the Quadruple party I awoke to find myself in a dark and vaguely familiar room. My phone was making a noise which I immediatly assumed was my alarm for work, so I pressed the cancel button. When my phone rang again and I picked up, I was greeted by my mother, on whom I’d hung up a few seconds earlier.
She had called to tell me she was coming to pick me up to go to the mall. This puzzled me. Understandably so though, considering I was stuck in a dark roof and was under the illusion that it may still be 1:00AM.

I hurled myself out of The Cave and into the shower. Not directly of course. That would involve having mutant abilities, but you know what I’m saying.
A few minutes later I was on my way to the Somerset Mall with my beloved mother, Zelda. We had planned to go shopping (I hate shopping, especially on Saturday mornings) and have breakfast.
It was the 16th May, which is my sister’s birthday; I’m still sort of trying to figure out why she wasn’t included on this little family outing. Oh well.

On the way home I recieved an SMS that may as well have been included in this post as a funny quote. Actually… why not?

“Our lounge is leaking!!!”
Lourens Loki Corleone

Luckily I skillfully avoided having to do any real work to fix the above-mentioned problem. I arrived home just in time to hear about an epic mission to fix gutters and all sorts of things that I should’ve been part of. I love having good timing.

We lazed around a bit until, unexpectedly, there was a knock at the door. On opening the door, we were greeted by two very distinctive faces. Matt and Lauren.
This was a welcome surprise, as no one really had anything planned for Saturday, so the opportunity to see good friends that we don’t get to see too often was a welcome one.

We messed around for a few hours. Chilled up in The Cave and at the bar. We harked upon the latest Prodigy album which I will say again is out of this world.
Also, we had an almost 2 hour discussion on the subject of Loki Swanepoel, which was (although it may not sound like it to people who have never met Loki) very entertaining.

“Yeah but Lauren, I don’t think you can fix your back with yoga…”
Matt Roberts

When darkness hit, we had to say goodbye to our good friends Matt and Lauren, and hello to the beginning of our plans for the evening. We proceeded to get changed (all smart like) because we were meeting my sister at her flat in Gordons Bay, and from there, were going to be driving in convoy to Cape Town to have birthday drinks (my sister’s birthday remember?). Of course, dressing for Cape Town can sometimes be a little more tricky than expected. I’ll elaborate a bit later.

So Lourens and myself set off on our journey, in no way realizing what exactly we were getting ourselves into. We arrived at my sister’s flat in Gordon’s Bay to the sounds of irritated muttering because of the severity of our lateness. We brushed it off as usual with a typical: we’re band guys. We’re always late.

cara, claudine, rox, tracey

“Roxanne, you have NEVER been a bright ray of sunshine.”
Lourens Loki Corleone

Back in the radpad days, without trying to and without consciously meaning to do it, my and my sister’s social circles linked up and formed a strange hybrid monstrosity.
We used to call my sister and her troop of friends the ‘pop-tarts’ because of their over-the-top mannerisms and carefully planned stupidity while in the company of guys we classify as ‘bush-jocks’.
They, in turn, dubbed us: The bandguys, which was often preceded by any one of the following prefixes: crusty, smelly, disgusting, dirty, loser, shameless, loud.

Anyway, despite the undeniable differences in mindsets, the two groups, to the surprise of many, got along like a flat on fire (dangerously close to the truth) and have been fast friends ever since. Every now and then we join up again like the old days and party together, and for a night – just a night at a time, mind you – we become the band-tarts collective.

So off we headed on our way into the unknown…

“Pack your bag, we are going on a guilt trip!”
Dominic St Leger

lourens loki corleone en route

We arrived in Cape Town and struggled for a while to find parking. It seemed the storm had flushed all the rats out of the drain (figuratively… although maybe literally too, who knows?) and we ended up parking high up some back-alley street and having to walk for miles to reach our first stop.



Asoka turned out to be an extremely cool place. Very warm and inviting. Also very expensive, as is anywhere in Cape Town, but that was to be expected. The coolest thing about it was the living olive tree that (seemingly) came out of the floor in the center of the venue.

We hung around there for a little while, although I believe the socially acceptable Captonian term would be: drifted. We drifted around Asoka for an hour or so, meeting strange new people and playing with candle wax while discussing Cape Town’s odd obsession with lounge music. Not that I’m complaining, I’m a big fan of lounge music, and I’m almost 100% positive it actually calms people down and allows for them to have a good time. So… full-throttle with the lounge music. 🙂

loki and random

“I’m going to go paint my soul!”
Kyle Solms

So after a few over-priced beers and overly enthusiastic conversation, we decided to make our presence known elsewhere.
This is where things got different. Not good. Not bad. Just different.
So we met up with Mike (he was staying at Kyle’s flat in Kloof Street) and made our way to Claremont. We were going to a place I’d never heard of or been to, called: 91 on Main.

We arrived there in the storm and quickly made our way inside Stadium on Main. My sister had driven with someone else and had arrived a good 20 minutes before us, so, naturally, she was already in the club skanking it up. This left us with the problem of navigating the empty hallways of the shopping centre trying to find a place that, up until a few minutes ago we had no idea existed.
We managed to meet up with some educated mall-goers who were also looking for the ever-elusive 91 on Main, and together, with our powers combined, we conquered many stairwells and unhygienic hand-railings on our way to the entrance of our destination. This place was well-hidden I will say, and whilst looking for it I got the sneaky suspicion that we may have been about to enter a club full of vampires, where blood sprays from the roof of the dance floor and the music sounds like nails on a chalk board.

I was half right.

Once we eventually got into this place (after a mini-debate with the bouncers about the type of shoes to wear to a night-club) it immediately became clear to us that every single person in this club had obviously spent a great deal more time on their appearance than we had. Not to worry though, as I have mentioned before, we are shape-shifters by nature and can blend in exceptionally well in any environment. Observe.

“This is the land of snow and honey.”
Lourens Loki Corleone

nick, rox, loki

the dancefloor

And get this. The bouncer’s name?

nick, loki, rox

One second glance though 91 on Main is a magnificent accomplishment. With entirely marble floors, an elaborate entrance area complete with indoor fountain and what must have been about 4 different bars situated in separate segments (try saying that 3 times fast) it is a marvel to behold, especially after a few tequilas. No but seriously now, it’s cool.

We eventually (we all knew it would happen) headed to the dance floor, as the alcohol we had consumed thinned our blood just enough to make us appreciate the kinds of music the DJ was pumping. Lourens and Cara danced like mad animals to songs neither of them would’ve admitted to liking the next morning… I myself found me a mop, and began mopping the dance-floor.

mr mop

“That must have been pre-sex.”
Lourens Loki Corleone

At one stage myself and Lourens walked towards the back of the club and stumbled upon a little glass room that overlooked the streets of Cape Town.
It was a stormy night and the streets looked cold and uninviting, but from our little glass viewing box, high above the city streets I was struck with the sudden realization that Cape Town is a very beautiful place. Yeah, there’s the crime. Yeah there’s the dodginess and the politics but those are all man-made. If you strip away all the shit and take a look at the City of Cape Town from atop 91 on Main, you will realize that we are all living the dream. Or, at least, we’re living in a dream location.
I conveyed this notion to my good friend Lourens and we were both struck silent with an unexpected moment of appreciation… after which, we bought another beer.

“I don’t want to hear about fish blowjobs!”
Roxanne Leibrandt

nick, cara, loki

As any full-time cool-person will know, there comes a time in every night out in Cape Town when everybody decides (but no one has any idea why) that Gandalfs sounds like a good next stop. I suggested this to some of the team and in 10 minutes flat we had left 91 on Main and were op pat – as the locals would have it – to 299 Lower Main Road Observatory. Gandalfs, ROAR and Gothams. Sounds delightful don’ it?

“I’m a dark cloud of emotion!”
Lourens Loki Corleone

Turns out we had an awesome time at Gandalfs (as we always do) even though the music was well below par. When I made polite conversation with a fellow Gandalfs-goer I was informed that this was the kind of music that was played at 4 in the n (which it was) so that people would leave the place and go home. Of course… those weren’t his exact words. He said something along the lines of: this is ‘fuck-off’ music.

Yeah… He looked like this.

strange dude

Yeah, a real wholesome bunch can be found at Gandalfs.
Anyway, the music turned out to have the opposite effect on us. Instead of running out holding our ears we ran in holding our beers. We met up with Jesse Beth and her sister Dominic and danced the early morning away whilst taking carefully planned photos of the plain ground while doing so.

Also, by the wonders and grandeur of social-networking, I met someone who I had had as a contact on Facebook for ages, yet had never met. This kind of thing is always a funny set of back and forth awkward statements such as:

Nick: Hey. I have you on Facebook!
Girl: Oh yeah I know you.
Nick: So…
Girl: Yeah. Taking photos hey?
Nick: Yes I am. I saw your status today.
Girl: Yeah I saw yours too.
Nick: Cool.
Girl: Anyway.
Nick: See you on Facebook.

So that was a lot of fun too. Many more photos were taken, all of which will be uploaded her at some stage, but right now I’m just to lazy, so deal with it.

After gliding around Gandalfs for a good 2 hours, we headed outside, into the cars, and embarked upon a perilous journey to Steenberg Estate, Tokai and beds.
On arriving at Jesse Beth’s place I immediately found one of those couches that recline… or decline? Incline? Whatever. It goes backwards. I threw a duvet over myself and proceeded to wait until Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came on TV, during which, I fell dead asleep and stayed that way until sunrise.

“What the hell, Popeye is suddenly strong enough to move a continent! ”
Lourens Loki Corleone

The next morning everybody was awoken to coffee and tea, and not long after, Kyle, Clara and Sylvia arrived. We now had a grand team of: myself, Lourens, Mike, Jess, Kyle, Clara, Sylvia, Rox, Pierre and Cara.

Then something strange happened. Once again, just like the weekend before (see previous post: We Are Electro Zombie Children… Go Figure) we all disappeared off the face of the earth for two whole hours…

dominic, jess, nick

When we reappeared we were all ready to head on back home to lovely quaint Somerset West, and it was with many a sad face that we departed from our friends at Steenberg Estate, and made our way back home whilst listening to roadtrip music.

Once we got home, a whole mix of things happened that I’d love to include in this post, but I’ve decided instead to leave it for the next one, considering this one has reached a length of epic proportions. The next one is a good one though, because it’s all about my 21st Birthday… So keep your eyes peeled on the Nick Frost Music blog ya’ll. It’s gonna happen!

As always, I’ve ended off with a quote, and, be it funny or deep, it is always relevant.

“I love making people happy!”
Roliza Grobelar

nick, lourens



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    love your blogs brat… keep on writing….it has a nice livliness ans spontanaity

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