We Are Electro Zombie Children… Go Figure

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Hey… aren’t these all supposed to start out with a quote? That seems to have been the general pattern up until now. I DON’T LIKE CHANGE! But I will deal with it.
The reason I haven’t spewed forth a quote from the get-go is because, instead, this past weekend, I made a point of writing everything down… Well… everything that was worth writing down; and some that wasn’t for that matter.

So where to start? In every right, this past weekend should have been a disastrous anti-climax, when compared to the past two raucous 3-day rampages. But no. It wasn’t an anti-climax. It was definitely more in the climaxal region.

So Friday at work ended and I arrived at home, at which point I spotted a rare Nick Kuiper dozing by the swimming pool with a half-empty (I’m gonna actually go with half-full on this one) vodka and lime next to his feet. He did seem somewhat in distress, so I came to his aid with a pair of guitars, because everything feels better when you jam.

We made musical-love for a while until we were awoken by Mr. Ian James Kay, a regular feature in our recent chronicled adventures, who had arrived to join the looming party.
We made our way inside to get some drinks, only to find we had 0.24 (that being POINT TWENTY-FOUR) units of electricity left. Mad Rush!

So we made it to the shop in record time whilst discussing business ideas and ways in which we could theoretically take over the world under the very noses of the unsuspecting. When we arrived back the house had been plunged into a ocean of darkness, and I was met with the realization that I had never seen the house this dark before. Suddenly the stories that Gordon (the landlord) had told us about occasional ghosts frequenting certain bedrooms seemed a lot more sinister…

Bam, super-electricity input. And the digits where now set. We had electricity again.

At this point it was Ian, Nick, Lourens, Pixie and myself at the house, so we made our way up to The Opium Den (now officially known as Pixie’s room) to chill out and have a few drinks. Co-incidentally, a lot of the quotes I posted earlier came from this little session in the attic.
I really enjoy that particular room in the house; there is a good vibe feeling about it, especially when you have a bunch of people up there. Also, you can never tell if it’s dark or light outside, so it’s almost as if you’re inside a time capsule, and indeed, time does seem to move incredibly slowly while we’re there.

Anyway, fast-forward about an hour or so after that, and we were leaving the house, making our way to Kyle’s place to meet up and have a drink. We arrived at Kyle’s, and where immediately seated at his bar while he and the rest of the crew got ready. During this time I learnt how to not play piano, and also, how to not drink vodka… that is, with lemon-twist of course. That drink really made war on my mouth.

When we had finished congregating at Kyle’s place, we hopped aboard the red Toyota (yeah, the same one from last time) and made our way to the party-capital of the Western Cape. Yeah! You know the one I’m talking about? The realm in which skinny-jeaned,  mostly Afrikaans, Black Label drinking, Marlboro Light smoking, Local music-supporting, university kids dwell.
You got it: Stellenbosch.

Before we arrived anywhere in Stellenbosch we stopped off at Andrea’s place to meet up with some people. Upon entering her house, we were taken aback by the grandeur of the place. Sky-high ceilings and large, heavy wooden-doors, you know the ones with the big round doorknobs? Old Victorian I am told, and what a place. Our first stop was the lounge, where we laid our eyes upon a magnificent fooz-ball table. Ian and I decided we couldn’t let this one slide, as free fooz-ball is not a common occurence, especially on an unmanned table.
Many people don’t know this, but I used to play fooz-ball in the light-weight best-of-5 fooz-ball world leagues, but had to quit due to an unfortunate boating accident.

Needless to say, I lost the game. It turns out Ian used to play for the heavy-weight, best-of-5 world leagues, so my experience counted for nothing.

We met up with everyone (everyone being Andrea, Julz and Sylvia) and from there, we left for the shop before we went out. Now, to me, the drive on the way to the BP seemed uneventful… possibly boring even. Evidently though, a near-by traffic officer disagreed.
When we had parked at the BP, I got out of the car to draw money, and when I had turned away from the ATM it seemed Kyle had made a new friend… but wait… friends don’t talk like that.

Yes, Kyle had apparently jumped a stop street. I just want to let everyone know that I AM NOT OKAY WITH JUMPING STOP-STREETS. That traffic officer had every right to treat Kyle like a raping murderer, because there are no varying degrees when it comes to crime. It is all equal. Who are we kidding? This is not the kind of crime we need persecution for. I could understand if he had been on drugs or over the legal-limit, of which he was neither.

Anyway, a cigarette and R900 later, we had arrived at Aandklas.

On this particular night Aandklas was the host of an electro evening entitled: Dance, Dance Revolution with DJs: Sibot (Real Estate Agents), Jubilee and Kaizen.

The music rocked. It really did. I didn’t get to hear as much as I would’ve liked though, but it was an awesome vibe. I saw hoards of people I haven’t seen in ages, so by the time we had all gathered by the car ready to head home, I was a little overwhelmed and surprised that we were leaving so early. Of course, it really wasn’t that early. Probably somewhere around 01:30AM.

When we arrived back in Somerset West at Kyle’s house and had stepped inside, myself and good friend, Lourens A.K.A. Loki, immediately realized the error of our ways, and decided to keep the party going. We informed Kyle that his invitation for us to stay over was a kind and considerate one, but we would unfortunately have to decline, as we were being called for a night-cap at Nameless.
We made our way to Nameless and ordered up the drinks, all the while keeping in mind that the bar closed at 02:00AM and that we didn’t have much time left. Nameless was a little bit of a buzzkill though in comparison to the nights events, and we hastily made our way out before either of us had finished our drinks.

When we arrived at home the lights were off, and the last thing we expected to find on our couch was a ‘Kaydee’.
Kaydee is one of our most awesome and coolest close friends who we, unfortunately, don’t get to see as often as we’d like to anymore. She had come to visit Nick earlier and had passed out on the couch, so we made her at home, put on a movie, and passed out ourselves.

So Saturday… Just give me a second; I’m trying to figure out what I did on Saturday. Yes, on Saturday, I woke up and started working on some music stuff. Lourens joined me after a few minutes and we brain-stormed some new ideas. Did some cool stuff with some video and music, synching them and stretching and adding various colour and light filters. Before we knew it, it was afternoon and I had to throw myself into the shower if I was hoping to make any kind of conversation that night.

When 5 o’ clock came Kyle, Mike, Clara, Phil, Jess, Dennis, Sylvia and Julz arrived, and then, get this:


That evening we had been invited to a party at Jess Johnstone’s house, so we totally, like, went. When we arrived there, we were immediately made to feel right at home.

party! party!

The house was situated in Heldervue, and was huge and beautiful; filled with beer and music and friends. We all partied the night away, running around, being stupid and writing it out so we wouldn’t remember it. At one stage about 50 pizzas arrived at the door, which was just… grand to say the least. I would like to give a huge ‘THANK YOU’ to Jeannie Johnstone (Jess’ mom) for being such a fucking awesome hostess. It’s not often you meet someone who has a party the night before mother’s day, supplies everything, makes everybody breakfast the next day (it being mother’s day) and to add to it all is also just an awesome person in general.

Sunday morning was host to some intense Guitar Hero battles, and contrary to my previous belief, Guitar Hero is pretty damn cool, even if you’re not playing real guitar.

And then it was off to Gordon’s Bay to drop Phil off at work. After that I had to scoot on down to the old band house and pick the last of my stuff up. I love looking through old stuff. You find such cool stuff. Like, I found a huge bag filled with posters of gigs we had all played… of course, they all belonged to Phil, but they will be mine soon. He just doesn’t know it yet.

So it was that I visited my beloved mother, to wish her Happy Mother’s Day and give her a box of chocolates. How cliché! Honestly it was good to see my mom again… Funny things, mothers are. You take them for granted, you really do. Anyway, I had some coffee there and then missioned back to the Eiffel Tower.

I picked up Jesse and Lourens there and we drove down to Mr. Video and hired possibly the two strangest movies ever, especially when combined with each other. ‘The Mist’ and ‘Zombie Strippers’… Yes you read it right. Zombie Strippers, starring 10-time Academy Award Winner, Jenna Jameson!
MacDonalds was next on the Sunday evening agenda. Mmmm, gotta love it. We left MacD’s and went to pick up Ian, and from there on it was premium chilled-ness at home. Ahhhhh… So good.

Another weekend. Another planet. Another article. I find that documenting my weekends has been a very good way of reminding myself just what great times I have, and how privileged I am to be having them so often. Ah… Some would say: the good life.
I’m gonna end this post with a funny quote from my good friend and housemate: Lourens Loki Corleone.

“I wonder… at what point will our weekends stop being awesome?”
Lourens Loki Corleone

jess, phil, jess

Love and Legs!



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6 responses to “We Are Electro Zombie Children… Go Figure

  1. Lourens


  2. Lourens

    I really honestly do believe that we are living the good live. Maybe not the best life, or the healthiest life or the most normal life…but that’s maybe the point.

    Be it week or weekend, we somehow manage to squeeze so much awesomeness out of our existence that I will never, never forget it. I’ve never shared so many “moments” as with the people that are continuously mentioned in these posts…

    …and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • The Mysterious "Kaydee"

      It was awesome seeing you crazy boyz again!! even if it was for a couple minutes:P
      I really wish I could spend more of these moments with you all… hopefully once my job’s settled and I am no longer broke and without hope I’ll be able to join atleast one of these “weekends” a month 😦
      Love you guyz…. always.

  3. Sylvia

    may the awesomeness continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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