It Has Been: A Red Dawn

“Dude, I’ve found a way that I can live in Cape Town, and be paid for it… You know how kids of today don’t listen to their parents and rebel and shit?… Well, I’m gonna buy me a devil-suit, and hire myself out to the parents of those kids, so that they can say to their kids: “If you don’t listen to me, the DEVIL’S gonna come get you!”… And the devil WILL come get them… They’ll never do that shit again… Also, I wanna be a condom for halloween…”
Loki Swanepoel


If it was a classic movie, it would be called something like: ‘The Endless Weekend’ or something similar. Many would call it borderline gypsism, if that’s the appropriate term; but we, as the ones who experienced it first-hand, will refer to it as The Red Dawn, for no reason in particular.

We set out from the house on Friday night, not really knowing exactly how we were getting to Cape Town, what we were doing while there, and where we would stay while doing it. Not the best formula; and the contents of the car?

  • Loki Swanepoel
  • Lourens de Jager
  • Nick Frost
  • 2x Guitars
  • Drum hardware
  • Pedals
  • Clothes
  • Cigarettes

That’s it. So I guess you could say we were relatively prepared. After a music-less (but not silent at all) drive to Cape Town, and some less-than-helpful directions, we arrived at Kyles flat, where we would be staying for the next two nights. Kyle and Clara had everything ready for when we got there. When I say ‘ready’, I mean they had the wine flowing and soon enough we were merrily talking of all things bright and wondeful.
Gandalfs? Did someone say Gandalfs?
Yeah, they did, and in a few minutes we were cautiously making our way into the black depths of Observatory (266 Lower Main Road) and into what is known to the natives as Gandalfs.

This would have been an overwhelming experience, if it weren’t for the fact that we are listed as ‘shape-shifters’ in nature, and so, just like the slippery characters, blend in almost seamlessly with our natural environment, where ever we are.
The people in Obz rock. There’s no doubt about it. Whether they rock because they’re 7 metres tall and are sporting 10inch high-heels and they are almost androgeneous, or because they’re barely overage, yet they’re playing in a 5-piece metal band and screamin’ like a demon on speed. Whatever the case, my point can’t be denied.
Don’t get me wrong, Gandalfs has it’s fair share of pricks too, as any place has; but you are not forced into conversation with them, which is probably a good thing, considering I can’t speak Orcish.

So we did our thing until about 5AM; then we decided it would be a good idea to go home if we wanted to carry on with life the next day.
So we drove home, picking up some random along the way. Still not too sure what his name was… I passed out shortly after that.

The next morning I awoke to the sound of red-breasted tits tweeting outside… Not sure if that’s the correct scientific name for them. But that’s what they reminded me of.
At first, I couldn’t remember the night before. But I new it had been a good one because my neck hurt really horrifically… which means I had been dancing… which means I had been drinking.

We then set about making breakfast and such. It was pouring with rain, but it was supercool on the balcony, so we spent most of the time out there. I played guitar, people smoked, everyone laughed. A good time was had by all. Until we realized that soundcheck was in a few minutes and we needed to make haiste!
So we rushed all the stuff out of Kyle’s (less-than-accessable) flat, down the stairs, up the stairs again and into the car. Then we rushed off to R.O.A.R, only to arrive and find we were early, and the gates weren’t even open yet.

Soundcheck went well. Especially because we were so early and we got to chill out and comfortably soundcheck everything: guitars, drums, vocals and also the electronic tracks. I felt confident it would work out well.
Of course, after soundcheck, we realizied we were stuck in a place that sells drinks for R5 for the next 3 hours, and we had nothing to do.
So we had a few drinks and watched people and wondered what their lives were like, and how much time it took them to put their make-up on, because everyone knows that a demon-clown is on the top-5 hardest creatures to replicate through make-up artistry.

And so it was that the people started arriving. Not only the strange people, but also the S-West crew: Dennis, Esna, Mike, Nick, Kirsten, Richard, Nikita, Phil, Jess, Sean and Wesley to name a few.
The show kicked off with Kyle introducing Nick Frost Music and the curtains opening to the sound of ‘Tongue’ with drums.
All in all, I think the performance rocked although some parts are a little blurry in my mind’s eye. During the last song, ‘Audiogasm’, Nick Kuiper made an appearance on Djembe and together we rocked the crowd.

“If you don’t dance to this song you are fucking retarded.”
Nick Frost

NOT ONE THING in this world, could have prepared me for what happened after the set.

Stereo Zen. Before you read further. Just go become a member. Because more likely than not, you are going to LOVE them.

Every now and then I see a band and I say to myself: “You know… this band should be big. They should be huge… Why aren’t they???”
This was one of those bands. A fusion of funk, rock, electro and even lounge elements, make this band one of the coolest, most original bands I’ve ever seen. Especaially in SA. Do yourself a favour and check them out. You won’t regret it.

The night from that moment on was a blur of crazy car trips, police, car-doors, metal, head-banging, hickies, afriquila, rum, cigarettes and eye-liner. I may have died once or twice during the process. It is very likely.

“Nick, if you had died last night it would have been a bigger buzz-kill than Buzz Killington”
Mike Rainbird

The next morning I was awoken by Mike, and we made our way down Kloof Street to find somewhere that sold breakfast. We settled on a place called The Buzz which was perfect; trendy, and as almost everywhere in Cape Town, was playing lounge music.
Lourens joined us after a while and we chilled out watching people walk by and talking shit.

Later that day someone suggested we go to the park next to the flats. Of course, there was no easy way of getting there. We would have to climb onto a fence and shimmy our way over a high fall until we found level land to jump to. We all did it except for Lourens who just jumped the entire chasm. Good man. Good man. From there we proceeded to satisfying our see-sawing needs; and for a while I sat on a swing and resembled a sulking 5-year old.

5-year old 21-year old

Evening came eventually while we all sat out on the balcony and laughed at the fact that the balcony could be Lourens’ bedroom. As the city lights began to shine, so did the lights of the little white golf as Loki, Lourens, Mike and myself made our way from central Cape Town to Steenberg Estate, Tokai, where we would be staying that night.

When we arrived at Jess’ house, we picked her up and made a lightening fast run to the Spur to see what was going down. It was pumping. We were soon joined by Seth, Jess’ brother; one of the funniest guys in the world. We sat and listened to him tell stories the rest of the night, some of which will stick with me for a long time.

“Predator Sauce… man… don’t eat that shit.”
Seth Laws

The next morning we awoke, had breakfast, packed up our stuff and got in the car to make our way back to the West. To all our minds the weekend had ended.
It didn’t turn out that way.
When we got back home we hired Grandma’s Boy and Futurama, and made our way back to the house. Shortly after, Lauren and Amelia arrived and further partying ensued. Mad props.

When they left I passed out on the couch until exactly 21:00, when Mike, Mone and Thandi arrived at the house. Again, further partying ensued. We ended of this weekend by sitting down, tired out of our minds, and watching the original Disney Classic: Alice In Wonderland.

And how appropriate it was.

“There! [insert Jurassic Park Theme Song]”
Lourens de Jager

Pictures are soon to follow.
Nick ūüėČ


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One response to “It Has Been: A Red Dawn

  1. Lourens

    Hahaha! Some more quotes:

    “Mike…you do know that this is not actually a rollercoaster?” – Lourens
    “I REALLY did not think that idea through.” – Loki

    (After giving his spot at the bar to a random girl and not Kaydee)
    “Sorry Kaydee, I know you, and I still stand a chance with the other girl!” – Mike
    (The girl turned around and said “Hey!”)

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